Safetyware ventured into the signage and printing industry in 2010. Our target is to ensure message is clearly delivered during at workplace. We expanded our operation in 2015 and re-branded our name to QUICKSIGN for better development in signage and printing industry.


We believe signage is more than just a piece of plastic or sticker, rather we see it as a mean to bring your message out. That’s why our mission is to make the whole visual communication process to be easier, better & more effective. From simple plastic signage or labels, to more sophisticated dimensional signs, from simple banners & posters, to more visually appealing wallpaper aided by lightings, you can fully count on QuickSign. Our professional visual communication consultant will help you to explore the best way to bring your message across.

Go Green

Apart from quick & professional services, we are also a firm believer in providing solution which is greener & healthier. For example, we insist on using non-toxic solvent free latex ink when it comes to printing jobs, promote the use of bio-degradable materials, promote the use of double side tapes as an alternative to drilling holes on wall, amongst many others.


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